ICS Quality Strategy

Person Involvement and Co-production

NHS England have devised a model to enable co- production which is a way of working that involves people who use health and care services, carers and communities in equal partnership; and which engages groups of people at the earliest stages of service design, development and evaluation. Co production acknowledges that people with ‘lived experience’ of a particular condition are often best placed to advise on what support and services will make a positive difference to their lives. Co production helps to ground discussions and maintains a person centred perspective. It is a cornerstone of self care, of person centred care and of health coaching approaches.

These are the co-production values and behaviours that we will be guided by relation to Quality during the life cycle of this strategy, ensuring that they become the norm. (Coalition for Personalised Care, NHS England).

Seven steps to make it happen:

1 -  Agreement from senior leaders to champion

2 -  Open and fair approach to recruit a range of people

3 -  Systems to reward and recognise peoples’ input

4 -  Early on in project design think where co-production can have a genuine input

5 -  Build into our work programmes so that it becomes our way of working

6 Train and develop staff and people

7 Regular review and reporting on progress moving to “We said, We did”

“Co-production and community building are not just ‘nice to have’ things - they are crucial….factors that impact on health outcomes, community wellbeing and the efficiency, quality and sustainability of NHS services." 
C. Wilton, NHS Leadership Academy (2018)

“There is much more potential to involve patients – and their carers where appropriate – as partners in care.”
Chris Ham, Chief Executive, The Kings Fund (Ham 2014)

  • Ownership, understanding and support of co-production by all
  • A culture of openness and honesty

  • A commitment to sharing power and decisions with citizens

  • Clear communication in plain English

  • A culture in which people are valued and respected

ICS Quality Strategy

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