ICS Quality Strategy

How we deliver Quality – The National Quality Board’s Ambitions for Integrated Care Systems

Together we will work to deliver the ambitions that has been set out by the National Quality Board. Those ambitions are set out on this page.

1. Setting clear direction and priorities
To deliver a new service model for the 21st century which delivers better services in response to local needs, invests in keeping people healthy and out of hospital, and is based on clear priorities, including a commitment to reducing health inequalities.

2. Bringing clarity to quality
Setting clear standards for what high quality care and outcomes look like, based on what matters to people and communities.

3. Measuring and publishing
Quality measuring what matters to people using services, monitoring quality and safety consistently sharing information in a timely and transparent way using data effectively to inform improvement and decision making.

4. Recognising and rewarding quality and learning
Recognising, celebrating and sharing outstanding health and care, learning from others and helping others learn, recognising when things have not gone well.

5. Maintaining and improving quality
Working together to maintain quality reduce risk and drive improvement.

6. Building capability for improvement
Providing multi professional leadership for quality; building learning and improvement cultures; supporting staff and people using services to engage in coproduction; supporting staff development and wellbeing.

7. Staying ahead
By adopting innovation, embedding research and monitoring care and outcomes to provide progressive, high quality heath and care policy.

Diagram of 7 step model from Diagram from the National Quality Board: www.england.nhs.uk/ourwork/part-rel/nqb/


ICS Quality Strategy

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