ICS Quality Strategy

What do we mean by a shared single view of quality

High quality, personalised and equitable care for all, now and into the future.

Quality runs through everything we do. It is important that those working in the system can work together effectively to deliver care that is:

Safe: delivered in a way that minimises errors and maximises delivery of safe care continuously reduces risk, empowers, supports and enables people to make safe choices and protects people from harm, neglect, abuse and breaches of their human rights; and ensures improvements are made when problems occur.

Effective: informed by consistent and up to date high quality training, guidelines and evidence; designed to improve the health and wellbeing of a population and address inequalities through prevention and by addressing the wider determinants of health; delivered in a way that enables continuous quality improvements based on research, evidence, benchmarking and clinical audit.

Positive Experience: 

Responsive and Personalised: shaped by what matters to people, their preferences and strengths; empowers people to make informed decisions and design their own care; coordinated; inclusive and equitable. 
Caring - delivered with compassion, dignity and mutual respect

Well Led: driven by collective and compassionate leadership, which champions a shared vision, values and learning; delivered by accountable organisations and systems with proportionate governance; driven by continual promotion of a just and inclusive culture, allowing organisations to learn rather than blame.

Sustainably Resourced - focused on delivering optimum outcomes within financial envelopes, reduces impact on publish health and the environment.

Quality care is also equitable – everybody should have access to high quality care and outcomes, and those working in systems must be committed to understanding and reducing variation and inequalities

ICS Quality Strategy

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