ICS Quality Strategy

What’s next for our Quality Journey Plan 2023-2026

We plan to hold a further Quality Strategy Workshop in early 2024 to look back to see what has been achieved and to look ahead to see what else we can do, together.

Our ambition is to continue to work in partnership with providers, partners and our population to drive up the quality of services for our population. As we move to system reform, it becomes even more important to ensure we continue to co-produce and provide services of the highest quality, delivered with respect and compassion, and a positive experience for all.

As our integrated care system matures, we will implement further review of system wide governance to ensure clear direction and delivery of NHS values and our priorities. This will include a review of Quality and Performance Improvement processes to take collective oversight of clinical risk, problem solving for escalated concerns and the sharing of learning and best practice.

Create new ways of working within our new integrated approach, being openly transparent and sharing for improved outcomes. There will be a robust clinical assurance framework to reflect each level, retaining a clear line of sight for the system, at-place and individual organisational performance. With the ability to report at each level to ensure accountability.

As a developing integrated care system we will work with our partners to inform the strategic approach. As part of our Strategic approach to Quality, we will work to make shared decisions with providers on population health, quality outcomes, service transformation and quality improvements, ensuring equality of personalised care provision, as we continue to implement our Long Term Plan. Leading to greater provision of proactive, personalised care.

ICS Quality Strategy

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