ICS Quality Strategy

Working Together to Deliver Quality – How can we do it together?

As commissioners and funders

  • Set clear quality standards and expected outcomes when commissioning, which are considered as part of performance management
  • Have clear governance and accountability arrangements for Quality
  • Work and communicate together to ensure seamless pathways between commissioned services, including identifying and managing quality issues
  • Develop a just culture which is open, transparent and continuously learning and improving
  • To co produce with local communities to shape the design and delivery of services

People and communities

  • Know what high quality care looks like, what they have the right to expect and what to do when their experience falls short
  • Have care that is personalised and empowering, including access to different types of support from voluntary and other organisations
  • Are respected, listened to and treated with dignity and equity, as well as able to live the life they want to
  • Are equal partners in decision making about their own care
  • Shape and coproduce how services are designed, delivered and improved locally

For professionals and staff

Increasing support for staff to:

  • Enjoy their work and feel motivated and are supported to deliver high quality care
  • Receive training and support to enable career progression and allow them to continually improve the quality of care they provide
  • Be inclusive and respond to the needs of those who face disadvantage and potential discrimination
  • Feel safe and confident to speak up when they have concerns and are supported afterwards

Working with regulators

  •  To ensure that providers are delivering high standards of quality and care, monitoring and inspecting against these standards
  •  Share learning, best practice and insights across system partners to support improvement
  •  Work together to share intelligence on quality issues and risks
  •  Support improvement where potential or actual failures in the quality of care are identified
  •  Set clear standards of competence and conduct for health and social care professionals

For providers

  • Set clear quality standards and expected outcomes
  • Experience a coherent system of quality assurance, measurement and regulation
  • Are accountable for the quality of care they provide, driving quality improvement which translates into improved health outcomes and reduced health inequalities
  • Understand their wider role as an anchor institution, including bringing local people into the health and care workforce and helping them build careers
  • Develop a just culture which is open, transparent and continuously improving

Collaborate with research and innovation partners

  • Support the system to continually improve and maintain quality and safety
  • Triangulate data and evidence across pathways and services, presenting it in a meaningful way. This includes feedback from those accessing services
  • Share learning, best practice and  innovations across system partners to influence and improve delivery

ICS Quality Strategy

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