ICS Quality Strategy

Foreword from ICB Director of Nursing and Quality

It is a great pleasure to welcome you to our Hertfordshire and west Essex Quality Strategy which not only sets out our strategic direction but also our unwavering commitment to improving quality. Quality that is evident in our everyday work and behaviours and the golden thread underpinning all that we do, whatever our role or part in the ICS.

This strategy shares our system’s aims and priorities for the next three years, to support the delivery of our vision to becoming an outstanding system delivering the best quality and safest care to the people and communities that we serve, and has been developed in consultation with our staff, partners and most importantly the people who we care for. This strategy both supports and complements the quality strategies that many of our local system partners have already developed, or are in the process of developing.

We will work across the wider health and care system in ways that promote partnership working, co-operation, and build on shared values of respect, integrity, trust, pride, inclusion and fairness. We are grateful to all of you who have made such valuable contributions and look forward to making a positive difference, harnessing our collective knowledge and skills to achieve the very best outcomes we can.

Jane Kinniburgh, Director of Nursing and Quality

Please note that Professor Natalie Hammond assumed the role of Director of Nursing and Quality in July 2023.

ICS Quality Strategy

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