Hertfordshire and West Essex Joint Forward Plan 2023 - 2028

Our priorities

In alignment with our principles, our JFP is aligned to the six priorities of our Integrated Care System, which are:

Priority 1: give every child the best start in life 
We will ensure that children in Hertfordshire and west Essex have the best opportunity to be safe and well and to reach their potential at school and beyond. 

Priority 2: support our communities and places to be healthy and sustainable
We will work with our communities to improve our residents’ health and wellbeing by reducing health inequalities and taking action on the wider determinants of health including housing, employment and the environment.

Priority 3: support our residents to maintain healthy lifestyles
We will support people to be physically active, eat healthily and maintain a healthy weight, and we will provide support and advice to prevent tobacco, alcohol and substance misuse.

Priority 4: enable our residents to age well and support people living with dementia
We will ensure our residents are supported to age healthily, with access to advice and services that enable them to live well and independently for as long as possible.

Priority 5: improve support to people living with life-long conditions, long term health conditions, physical disabilities, and their families
We will support people living with lifelong conditions, long term health conditions, physical disabilities and their families, assisting them to take more control of their health and live a good quality of life.

Priority 6: improve our residents’ mental health and outcomes for those with learning disabilities and autism 
We will provide early help to our residents to prevent mental illness and support the health and wellbeing of those with a Severe Mental Illness (SMI), learning disabilities or autism.

In the section which follows, we outline our short, medium and long-term objectives under each of these priorities, outlining links to supporting local, system-wide and national strategies where relevant. Where there are particular areas of focus for targeted local intervention, these will be highlighted.  These priorities have been informed by the lived experience of our people and communities – which will be referenced throughout.

Delivering our priorities:

This section outlines our delivery plans for the next five years.  To ensure that these deliverables are focused on the right areas, they are aligned to our Integrated Care Strategy and our ICB’s strategic and clinical priorities. 

Our Integrated Care Board strategic priorities are as follows:

-    to increase healthy life expectancy and reduce inequality
-    to give every child the best start in life
-    to improve access to health and care services
-    to increase the numbers of citizens taking steps to improve their wellbeing
-    to achieve a balanced financial position annually.

The health needs of our population, and the challenges faced by our communities, along with feedback we have received from residents, is demonstrated throughout this section. Also included, under the six Integrated Care Strategy priorities, are relevant excerpts from the Integrated Care Strategy delivery plan.  This is an over-arching plan which addresses the wider determinants of health and which all member organisations of the Integrated Care Partnership are committed to delivering. 

Hertfordshire and West Essex Joint Forward Plan 2023 - 2028

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