Hertfordshire and West Essex Joint Forward Plan 2023 - 2028

The Hertfordshire and West Essex Integrated Care Strategy

The Hertfordshire and West Essex Integrated Care Strategy, agreed in December 2022, outlines our shared priority areas for improvement over the next 10 years. An overview of the Integrated Care Strategy is outlined here. The full strategy can be read on the Hertfordshire and West Essex Integrated Care System (ICS) website.

A healthy Hertfordshire and west Essex, enabling everyone to live their best lives, with the greatest possible independence


  • Integration of health, care and wellbeing services    
  • Priority towards prevention and early intervention    
  • Targeted work to reduce health inequalities 
  • Involving our residents and staff

Strategic Priorities

  1. Give every child the best start in life    
  2. Support our communities and places to be healthy and sustainable    
  3. Support our residents to maintain healthy lifestyles
  4. Enable our residents to age well and support people living with dementia    
  5. Improve support to people living with life-long conditions, long term health conditions, physical disabilities and their families    
  6. Improve our residents’ mental health and outcomes for those with learning disabilities and Autism


  • Our workforce    
  • Delivery at the right place    
  • Data and insight    
  • Research and innovation    
  • Collaborative and joint commissioning    
  • Digital and technology

The NHS Long Term Plan (LTP), published in January 2019, sets the direction for NHS organisations delivering care to patients across the country. The plan identifies five priorities, which are outlined below, and specifies in detail the action required to be taken to meet these:

  • Targeted care built around the patient
  • Preventing illness and tackling health inequalities
  • Boosting recruitment and retention of a highly skilled workforce
  • Making better use of data and digital technology
  • Maximising value for the taxpayer

The delivery of our Joint Forward Plan by the ICB and our partners will support delivery of the NHS Long Term Plan.

Hertfordshire and West Essex Joint Forward Plan 2023 - 2028

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