About our five year plan for local NHS services

Every Integrated Care Board has worked together with the NHS organisations – hospitals and community health service providers – in its area to develop a five year joint forward plan.  

Our forward plan makes it clear how we will arrange and provide NHS services that meet our population’s changing physical and mental health needs, so that we can all lead healthier lives.  

We worked with local people, our health and care partners and staff to develop a plan that reflects the views and priorities of the public, staff and key stakeholders in our area.

Our plan shows how we are going to meet national NHS targets on:

  • diagnosis
  • treatment
  • access to services.

It is clear about how we will make sure that high quality, joined-up NHS services are available when you need them, so that you have good care.

The plan also shows how we will do more to support everyone to lead healthy lifestyles – particularly people who find it difficult to stay well – so that fewer people become ill in the first place. 

We have made sure that the plan is fit for purpose by listening to the views of the people who plan, deliver and use NHS services.