About the ICP

The role of the ICP

The ICP provides a forum for NHS leaders and local authorities to come together as equal partners, alongside a broad alliance of organisations and representatives concerned with improving the health and wellbeing of our population. 

This forum allows system partners to agree shared objectives, work on joint challenges, and support places and organisations that comprise the system in the interests of people and communities. 

Together, the ICP will generate an integrated care strategy to improve the health and care outcomes and experiences for our residents, for which all partners will be accountable. 

The ICP will work to: 

  • improve the way that health and care services work together 
  • help everyone to keep as healthy and well as possible – increasing the years that people live in good health and reducing the gap between the healthiest and least healthy in our communities. 

  • influence wider issues that impact on health, such as housing, employment and education 

  • produce an integrated care strategy, addressing the health, public health and social care needs of the local population  

  • advocate for innovation and improvement in health and care. 

The ICP will work with people and communities to create an integrated care strategy that addresses the wider health, public health and social care needs of our population.  

The Integrated Care Board, local authorities and other organisations will be expected to make decisions and put in place services that support this strategy.  

The ICP will not employ people or directly plan and pay for services.