Hertfordshire and West Essex Integrated Care Strategy

Our approach to developing the strategy

A multi-agency communications and engagement group was established to develop and agree our approach to the public involvement and engagement which has informed this strategy. We have gathered the views of residents, staff, communities and organisations in Hertfordshire and west Essex, and their insight has been invaluable. We have taken particular care to learn from those people that we typically hear from the least, and the people who advocate for them, as they often face the biggest challenges to leading healthy lives. This includes gathering views from people living with poverty, people living with addictions, people from minority ethnic groups and disadvantaged children and young people. The priorities in this strategy have been influenced and amended as a direct result of this work. The wealth of insight we have gained will be shared with everyone involved in delivery this strategy.

Guided by best practice and the requirements of the Health and Care Act 2022 we have:

  • analysed some of the wealth of existing insight and recommendations gathered through qualitative and quantitative research by the public and voluntary sector, through a desk-based research exercise
  • conducted four themed focus groups to understand the issues facing our people and communities, and to gather their recommendations for change • surveyed the people who are employed by, or volunteer for those organisations which make up the Integrated Care Partnership, to understand their priorities and learn from their expertise as professionals and residents
  • undertaken three strategy development workshops with representatives from ICP organisations
  • attended a number of meetings and boards across the area to promote engagement and involvement with the developing strategy.

Engagement and involvement should be an active, ongoing process, which provides clear feedback about the way in which involvement has led to improvements. We are committed to fully involving people and communities across Hertfordshire and west Essex as the strategy is further developed and delivered.

Appendix 1 sets out a fuller description of our approach to involvement and engagement in the development of this strategy.