Hertfordshire and West Essex Integrated Care Strategy

How we will deliver the strategy

Translating the strategy into plans and actions

The integrated care strategy will provide strategic direction for all of our partners. It will also inform the development of the NHS Integrated Care Board five-year joint forward plan. Other partners including both county councils, our district councils, placed-based alliances and health and care partnerships along with the Voluntary, Community, Faith and Social Enterprise alliance will also reflect the strategy in their plans and will have an important role in delivering this strategy, along with our communities and residents.  

The initial ICB plan is due for completion and publication by 31 March 2023 and will be refreshed annually, other partners will consider how they will align and publish their plans and the actions they are committing to take in support of this strategy.

Governance and accountability

The strategy was approved at the December 2022 meeting of the Hertfordshire and West Essex Integrated Care Partnership Board.

The ICP is the owner of the strategy. It will:

  • support and encourage organisations/partnerships within the system to work together on local services and initiatives that support the priority
  • agree a single organisation/partnership to lead on coordination of activity to deliver each priority
  • establish a framework for mutual oversight and assurance of delivery of the strategy. It will do this by receiving regular reports on delivery against each priority and holding partners to account if delivery is ineffective.

The ICP will support delivery of the strategy by agreeing two or three areas for its annual work programme, facilitating our organisations to work together, as well as providing focus, appropriate challenge, and support to them. 

The Hertfordshire and west Essex ICP recognises that it is one of three ICPs that has a focus on the Essex area. We will work in conjunction with our neighbouring partners to align and deliver our collective ambitions, reduce duplication, improve consistency of experience for our residents and share learning and opportunities for transformation. We will also link in and work with our other neighbouring ICPs and ICBs where it will benefit our population.

Dashboard for key metrics

Progress and delivery of each of the six priorities will be monitored by information dashboards which will collect data on key metrics. These will be co-produced with key stakeholders and developed in line with the ICB five-year forward plan.

Annual monitoring and review

We will produce an annual report which provides a narrative account of our progress and challenges, and measures progress. We will ensure we incorporate residents’ insights and feedback into this review.

Continuing to improve our strategy

As 2022/23 is a transition year, we will review our strategy in one year time to look for opportunities to improve its ambitions and content. We will also consider revising our strategy when a new JSNA is produced in line with Government expectations.