Hertfordshire and West Essex Integrated Care Strategy

Key enablers

The following key enablers will support the delivery of our strategic priorities.


Our workforce, including the voluntary sector and volunteers (including carers), are crucial to the delivery of our ambitions. By supporting and utilising our existing and future workforce effectively through strengthening integrated working across our system, we will be able to avoid unhelpful competition between partners that could make workforce challenges worse. We must recognise the critical role of the care workforce in the private market and the key role the voluntary sector and carers plays in supporting better outcomes and supporting system resilience. We must also continue to give a strong voice to our staff – giving them time and resource to tell us where there needs to be improvement and innovation. It is important that we develop our workforce and address our workforce challenges and that all partners are engaged in the delivery of the ICS People Strategy.

Delivery at the right place

The Integration White Paper set out an expectation that partners work together at place level and that “places need to think Housing and Communities when developing a local partnership to plan and deliver health and care.” We commit to building strong and inclusive local partnerships, joining up care and support with local partners, including with district councils, schools and communities, NHS, and the local voluntary and community sector.

Given the complex geography of our ICS, we will make sure we always identify the right place for commissioning, service delivery and programme implementation. The role of both County Councils, the 13 district and borough councils and the four health and care partnerships will be considered within this context.

Collaborative and joint commissioning

To support delivery of our integrated plans, we will identify further opportunities for collaborative and joint commissioning, learning from the strengths and challenges of arrangements currently in place between the NHS and the County Councils. We will particularly seek out further progress in continuing health care (CHC), integrated accommodation, children’s and young people’s health, and public health. In 2022/23 we will draw up plans for increased use of joint appointments, section 75 agreements, joint contracts, and a broader use of the Better Care Fund.

Data and insight

Data and insight are fundamental enablers for the strategy. The strategy has regard to the joint strategic needs assessments of both counties and the development of population health management approaches. This data and insight  will continue to inform and shape the work of the ICP, ensuring that decision-making will be deeply rooted in the evidence and insights we collect. Data and technology will be leveraged to support the delivery of our priorities and improve independence and outcomes for our population

To support population health management approaches access will be required to the widest set of data and analytical capability in our systems across the partnership. This will promote and enable more joint work and data-sharing, so it becomes the norm rather than the exception.

Research and innovation

To support the delivery of our strategic priorities, we need to utilise evidence from data, research, and practice to build our understanding of our population’s health and care needs. We will also identify gaps and opportunities for research and utilise this information to inform the delivery of the strategy through continuous learning and improvement. We will adopt, test, and utilise proven innovation to address our population needs.

Digital and technology

Alongside the Hertfordshire and West Essex ICS Digital Strategy 2022-32 and other digital strategies, we need to drive plans to increase the use of digital and technology to promote flexible and efficient working practices; to enable quicker and better data sharing between organisations; to enable communities to self-help and self-serve; and to support digital inclusion and the digital maturation of organisations in the health and care sector. Our delivery plan for the strategy will include details how utilisation of digital and technology will support delivery of each priority.