East and North Hertfordshire Health and Care Partnership

East and North Hertfordshire Health and Care Partnership

The East and North Hertfordshire Health and Care Partnership covers the council areas of:

The partnership aims to:

  • improve the health and wellbeing of the people living in the area
  • reduce the health inequalities that exist
  • help ensure the collective resources of the partnership are used as efficiently, effectively, and sustainably as possible
  • enable local NHS bodies, local authorities, health and care providers, and other stakeholders work together to transform health and care services around the needs of local communities
  • help facilitate improvements in relationships, trust, and understanding between the members of the partnership.

The partnership has developed its strategy and has ten priority areas of work including:

  • Heart failure – a new clinical model has been designed that focuses on prevention and long term condition management led by teams with different clinical expertise coming together
  • ‘Waiting Well’ – a pilot scheme to provide support to vulnerable patients waiting for hospital treatment through Hertfordshire’s ‘Community Navigator’ service
  • Stroke and neurological care – which aims to deliver an integrated stroke service that meets the new national standards
  • Frailty – a broad programme of work which includes end of life care, community-based clinics and supporting people with their skin, tissue and wound care.

The partnership is looking at how it can build on existing relationships with the voluntary sector and have a stronger focus on inequalities and the wider factors which determine people’s health and wellbeing. 

A ‘Community Assembly’ has been set up so the partnership can hear the views and experiences of patients and voluntary organisations.  

Find out more about the Community Assembly on the Healthwatch Hertfordshire website