About our area

The Hertfordshire and West Essex Integrated Care System provides health and social care to just over 1.6 million people living in Hertfordshire and Essex, in 13 district and borough council areas:   

Our area is home to some of the healthiest people in the country, but there are communities where life expectancy is relatively low, and people are struggling with deprivation and poverty. 

We understand that good health and wellbeing is not just about good NHS or social care services. Our life chances, caring responsibilities, support networks, crime, re, education, environment and housing all have a huge impact too. That’s why our ICS includes councils, the voluntary, community, faith and social enterprise sector, the NHS and host of other organisations. We want to make sure that people living here have the best opportunities to live happy and healthy lives, and get the support they need, when they need it. 

GP practices are usually the first port of call for people who are unwell. In Hertfordshire and west Essex we have 135 GP practices serving our communities, working in groups of 35 ‘Primary Care Networks’. 295 community pharmacies provide vital medicines expertise and advice on minor ailments in the heart of their communities. Thousands of community and voluntary organisations help to support our residents.  

Our area has a number of hospitals and in-patient units to meet people’s physical and mental health needs. Watford General HospitalLister Hospital in Stevenage and Princess Alexandra Hospital in Harlow are our three biggest ‘acute’ hospitals. Residents in our area can also access care and support from mental health organisations such as the Essex Partnership University Foundation NHS Trust (EPUT), Hertfordshire Community NHS Trust (HCT), Central London Community Healthcare NHS Trust (CLCH) and Hertfordshire Partnership University NHS Foundation Trust (HPUFT). 

Locally there are three geographically-based Health and Care Partnerships – in west Essexsouth and west Hertfordshire and east and north Hertfordshire. These partnerships are a collaboration of NHS, local authority and other organisations that help to design and deliver services in a way that meets the needs in their communities. The Hertfordshire Mental Health, Learning Disability and Autism Health and Care Partnership brings together partners from across the NHS, local government and our Voluntary, Community, Faith and Social Enterprise sector, to support people to live longer, healthier and happier lives.

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